Sheep vs Wolf

Sheep vs Wolf is a modded hunter / prey map with other 6 game modes. New civ bonuses, units, buildings, graphics, sounds and gamplay! Hide in forest and build a fortress, or hunt for animals and search for Sheep. guide link


The 5th Age Mod

This mod allows you to research a new age after Imperial. . . the Golden Age.


Age of Galactica

Forget everything you know about Medieval Age of Empires... start think with spaceships. guide link


Rome Returns

This is an Age of empires 1 replica mod with AoC features. Including 11 campaigns (total 64 maps) and custom Ai!


Battleship Blood

This is a modded water-styled blood map. Includes 40 unique ships from the Age of Empires I scout ships to the legendary Ironclad, random bases, and a lot of new technologies. guide link


Terror of the Dragon

First hunter / prey game in Age of Empires II which can be played on ANY random maps
(except nomad).


Sheep vs Wolf 2

Sheep vs Wolf 2 is a random map based hunter / prey mod. New civ bonuses, units, buildings, graphics, sounds and gamplay! Hide in forest and build a fortress, or hunt for animals and search for Sheep!guide link


Zoo blood

Blood map with 30 new units. Unique gameplay, hotkey supports and many many fun.



Search for weapons and be the last survivor of the island!


Run and Gun

This mod turns ANY Random map which have Town Center into a Dodgeball-like game!


Flag War

Play with an unique Unit and Capture the Flag from the middle of the map and bring it to your base! (requires a custom patch to work properly)


Boar Maze

Control the maze and lead the Boar to your base 5 times to win!


Boar Maze 2

New game-mechanic from original Boar Maze. Control the maze and lead the Boar to your base 5 times to win!


Duck Hunting

Based on the NES Duck Hunt, but now it's in multiplayer! Collect more food than other Ducks, or be the most skilled Hunter! Three different game modes: Collector, Survivor, and Eating Race.


Techs hotkeys

Use hotkeys for technologies and queue them like units!


Gold Monument

A King of the Hill mod to make the Monument into a mine-able Pile of Gold!


COBRA Racing

Racing with a cobra, but without a mouse. Control your unit with customized hotkeys.


Zeus mod

Replaces the Flare (Alt+F) button with a Lighting Bolt! Use it to destroy enemy units, bases or trees. Also one fun scenario included.



Monument gives +1 wood/food/gold/stone every game second while you hold it
Made for Nili_AoE
This mod ONLY works with Userpatch 1.5


The Fat Kings and the Gold

This is a small mini game. Everyone has one fat king. Collect randomly spawned gold, but watch out, stone kills you! The first king who collects 20 gold wins the game.


TDII TeamBonus V3

Updated/Bug fixed version of Rambit's TDII Teambonus v2.


Moving buildings

This fun mod able you to move your buildings like units.


Kidnap mod

(idea from daniel pereira) Giving back the Kidnap ability to Scout. Click on enemy's villager to pick it up and return it to your Town Center!


Villager War

Disable military units and few buildings, but Loom researchable in Feudal and Castle age too (Sappers in Castle also) + Supremacy allowed for all civilization. Fight with buildings and villagers!


The 1.0 Patch Mod

1.0 Patch data file and old Turtle Ship, but with Userpatch features. Changelog included.


No Rush mod

The map is separating players like in Michi games, but with Rocks. Set no rush time by choosing map! Random Maps included too.


No House Mod

All civilization will be like Huns. Can't build houses, but have max population. Includes allied-vision. (available only in unrated games)


No Wall Mod

All civilizations will be like Goths. Can't build walls and gates, and fortified walls are not researchable.


Stoneless mod

- All civilizations starts with -200 stone
- Stone walls available from Castle Age
- Added Palisade Gate.


Clash of the Hippo

- All civilizations starts with -370 stone
- Stone wall and Gate moved to Castle Age


SY Nations Cup II Mod

- Increase base tax to 50%
- Moves Coinage to Castle and Banking to Imperial Age


SY Nations Cup 2017 Mod

- Walls/gates half hp in Feudal age
- Walls/gates cost more and builds slower
- Increased slinging base tax to 40%
- Coinage moved to Imperial Age and Banking tech is REMOVED


SY Mod with AV

SY Nations Cup II Mod with Allied Vision - Increase base tax to 50% moves Coinage and Banking


Masters of Arabia 2v2 Mod

- Increased slinging base tax to 50% over the standard 30%
- Coinage and Banking moved to Imperial Age


Gladiators of the Arena Mod

- Increased slinging base tax to 75% over the standard 30%
- Coinage REMOVED
- Banking moved to Imperial Age


Sheep vs Wolf Nostalgia

The old 1.1.3 version of the Sheep vs Wolf game mod.


Sheep vs Wolf 2 Nostalgia

The old 2.3.0 version of the Sheep vs Wolf 2 game mod.


Penetrating Projectiles

Makes all projectiles penetrating like Scorpions. Only suggested for fun games.


Panic mod

You will be able in random maps to kill all enemy military units, towers and damage castles ONCE on whole map!


One TC Mod

You can have only ONE TC at time in all Age.


Delayed Market

From Imperial Age in Mill you have to research a 30 minutes long free technology to able to build Market. Made for Post-Imp DM games.


Recovery mod

Destroyed and deleted buildings gives back wood and stone.


Random TD

Random mappack for FFA TD maps. All map playable with 7 players + p8 computer.


Ai Pack

The Artificial Intelligence or AI, is the computer orders on how the enemy and ally computer player react in the environments of a game.
This Ai pack is useful if you use aoeHD + compatible patch, or want more WK Ai, or just want a challenge from non-human enemy.

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Blood of the Hill

This is a domination game mixed with aoe2 civilizations. 5 base on map, capture its. Get points from objects, and collect 2 000 points before enemy team. guide link

[You must login to view link]

Vampire Reincarnation

This is a Hunter / Prey map. Build base or fight with your vampire. Use your spells in your units (not working perfectly with userpatch). guide link[/url



11 or 20 round micro training. Each alive unit gives one gold, earn more gold than other player to win! guide link

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[You must login to view link]

Single- and Multiplayer arena. Choose your gladiator and survive each round!

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Cart blood

Capture and hold the Relic Cart to win! Every 10 seconds you get 10 gold while it's yours. But watch out, when the Cart is yours, you don't get new units! guide link



CBA and CBA Hero map's upgraded version forWololoKingdoms. Play CBA with 31 civilizations!


CBA reworks

CBA map reworks for specific mods. Play in space or fight with your Apache Helicopter against fleets in the known map system!


AoK and AoC Campaign

All Age of Kings and Conquerors campaign maps playable in multiplayer!


HD Units Re-skin

Original mod made by Jorgito_LandoThis mod is a simple graphic re-skin for units.


No Building Snow

Removes the snow from all buildings.


Silent Tribute

Turns off the tribute sound and message. Useful in several maps where gaia sends negative resources to a player and it's visible as Spectator.


Silent chat

This Visual mod turning off the message popping's sound file.


Silent create

This Visual mod turning off the army creation sound file.


Silent warning

Turn off the warning sounds. (unit / building / monk / animal) Suggested for Spectators!


Battleship Music

More than 1 hour background music for the BattleShip Blood mod. This visual mod can be usable for other editors too.


Hippo love

Replaces wolves, jaguars and Wonders to Hippo! Made for the [You must login to view link] tournament.


S vs W Small Trees

Small Trees for the Sheep vs Wolf mod.


Sheep Launcher

All projectile replaced to Sheep!


Cow Launching Trebs

Replaced the Trebuchet projectile to cows!


Villager Launching Trebs

Replaced the Trebuchet projectile to villagers!


Colorful horses

New horse graphics with player colors!


Idle pointer

Replacing the villager's idle graphics into an exclamation mark (!) on the screen.


Petard colors

Petard's explosion shows the player's color!



wololo aiyo yoyo - replaces monk's convert and heal sounds to aoe 1.


T90s Christmas Mod

King changed to Santa and Deer to Rudolf. Made for T90Official


Text - bigger messages

This mod change players font's size to a bit bigger.


Text - bold stats

This mod change the unit stats's text to bold.


Text - streamer edition

This mod makes texts slightly bigger and stats to bold.


Bigger Cursor

This mod change the game cursors to be bigger sightly!


Age of Cube

Original mod by Gs.jellymannMinimalistic mod for Age of Empires gaia objects.


AOK - Goth Walls

Enables Stone Walls / Gates for Goths and giving Bombard tower pierce attack instead of melee + including the Advanced Statistics mod


AOK - CBA Hero

Enables Stone Walls / Gates for Goths and giving Bombard tower pierce attack instead of melee + including the Advanced Statistics mod + adds the Heroes, Harold Hardraade and Charles Martel from Aoc.


AOE1 - Lazy Vills

Removes Assyrian and Yamato villager speed bonus, but makes it available for all civ if Full Tech tree is ON.

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