Map Making Tools

After you read the Modding Tools And What The Files Do page, let's check stuffs for expert editors, picked from map and mod Guides:


Campaign Manager

by Lloyd Kinsella: Allows you to easily edit any Campaign file from any Age of Empires and or Age of Kings game.
DOWNLOAD Campaign Manager

Civ theme or other sound playing by trigger

by JustTesting1234: In the Player Sound, Send Chat and Display Instructions triggers, a directory traversal exploit can be used by aokts.
More info:

Detect game version by trigger

by [MM]Zix: Detect by only one condition if the game is UP 1.4 or 1.5 or HD

Genie Converter

by Vardamir: Genie Converter is a tool to convert between the various Age of Kings mod file formats that have developed over time, as well as installing mods.
DOWNLOAD Genie Converter

Imagenario - make scenario by images

by WAIFor (more info): by this tool you can use image files to convert into base scenario terrains. Keep in mind each pixel equal to 1 tile, so no reason to use bigger image than 255x255. The .zip contains samples for colors to make it easier to generate the wanted terrains.
DOWNLOAD Imagenario

PHP SCX Editor

by syssouffle: PHP SCX Editor is a powerful tool / framework to edit aoc scenarios with PHP programming language.
More info:

Players Base Duplicator

by syssouffle [You must login to view link]: This program duplicate base of blue player for 8 players.
DOWNLOAD Players Base Duplicator

Random Map Script Generator

by [soz]Exekutor: A really simple program, which helps you generate random map scripts.

RealWorld Map Creator

by peterolson: This is an online tool to create Age of Empires scenarios based on real-world geography.
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Resource Hacker

by Angus Johnson: Don't get fooled by the name, this not hacks ingame resources. This advanced program is for .dll editing. Really useful when editing language files.
DOWNLOAD Resource Hacker

UP 1.5 Effects & How to use them in Maps

by BF_Tanks: "The UP Effect"; A guide to using the greatest thing since the wheel.
More info: [You must login to view link]

Taunt/Ai signal detect by triggers

by JustTesting1234: A way to make taunt or Ai signal conditions:
More info:

The University's Map Design Articles

Advanced guides by aok.heaven. Keep check it often, it gets updates frequently!
More info: [You must login to view link]

Trigger Debugger Utility

by JustTesting1234: A simple tool that will save a log with info about the last trigger run in the game. A must have thing if you have trigger crash issue and checking hundreds or thousands of triggers is not an option. (more info)
DOWNLOAD Trigger Debugger

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